The Blancoz PCR consumables portfolio offers a comprehensive range of high-performance amplification tubes, plates, and accessories that are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide reliable PCR and qPCR results. Our RealAmp White wells are ideal for real-time PCR/qPCR, and we offer a wide range of sealing options and both standard and customized plate barcoding.

We take our commitment to quality seriously and prioritize your trust in our products. We use medical-grade virgin polypropylene, selected for its exceptional biocompatibility, to ensure the purest grade that doesn't interfere with or absorb reaction mix.

Our molds are designed and maintained to create chemical-free products with an ultra-smooth surface that prevents PCR inhibition. We test every well of every plate using an electrostatic pinhole detection method, and samples from each lot are tested for evaporation loss before release. Additionally, all of our PCR consumables are certified free from RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen to provide the highest level of quality assurance.

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